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Revolution Racing League (RRL) was created by three racers who were motivated to conceive a different endurance racing experience in the Pacific Northwest. Tom Pritchett, Adam Harris, and Chris Luscher have raced together for years. In the summer of 2021 they got together with a vision to craft an endurance racing series that offers simple rules, classes cars by a simple method, and rewards skilled and competent driving. Our desire is to race with our friends and competitors who enjoy the same type of racing experience we do. Without many endurance racing options in the Pacific Northwest, we provide the opportunity for racers to fuel their competitive drive without constraint.  


Here are a few examples of how we are different:

- We pared the rule book down to two simple methods of car classing…fuel and tires. After all, fuel capacity and tire width are simple but effective ways to balance performance, so why not keep it simple?
- We reward competent driving by avoiding a limit on lap time and/or classing cars based on lap time.
- We evaluate the driver competency of individuals before they are allowed to race. Drivers who are brand new to track driving or road racing must complete a very affordable novice program that works swiftly to get the novice driver out on track and racing safely.

- We have a season points championship that acknowledges and rewards ENDURANCE and provides a cash prize!

- We award future race credit to podium finishers!

We look forward to seeing you at the track soon! Feel free to contact Tom, Adam, or Chris at any time to learn more about the RRL.

- The RRL team